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Blackfoot Cultural workshop

In April 2022, we welcomed Blackfoot Elder, Shirley Hill, to AML to host a special master class on Blackfoot culture and music. This page commemorates that special day.

About Shirley Hill

Shirley Hill, known as Anatsipi’kssaakii (Pretty Sound Bird Woman) is a Blackfoot Elder, indigenous artist, and designer that works as an inspirational speaker and Indigenous Knowledge Keeper. She teaches people about the Blackfoot way of life.

we learned about

Blackfoot Culture

Blackfoot Culture respects the interconnectivity of all living things, and how we as humans interact within the ecosystem.

How to Hoop Dance

Hoop Dancing is an important element of Blackfoot Culture, and it’s a lot of fun as well!

About the Bison

The Bison have been a very important animal for the Blackfoot Nation. In the event, the students learned about the Bison.

Buffalo Craft

We also learned about Buffalo Craft.

Airdrie City View published an article about the event

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