Acoustic Guitar

Anthony has taught many students to play this rewarding instrument but his approach is somewhat unconventional – he teaches the easiest chords first! This may sound logical but most teachers don’t teach this way! By learning easy chords first, students feel a sense of accomplishment early on and this builds CONFIDENCE! Click to learn more about the Airdrie Guitar Lessons Program.


At Airdrie Piano Lessons, Anthony’s approach to teaching piano is creative, fun, and challenging. It’s a method based on the best of classical pedagogy blended with modern songs and learning to play by ear as well as by reading music. Anthony’s focus is on building momentum – by quickly learning keyboard geography and training by ear, students are able to begin playing with freedom early in their studies. Click to learn more about the Airdrie Piano Lessons Program.


Learning to sing like a pro can be one of the most empowering and satisfying experiences you can have. Finding the right voice coach is important – after all it’s not just your singing success at stake, it’s also your vocal health. Singing should be natural and relaxed with little effort. Whether you are 6 or 66, you’ll be in good hands with Anthony’s relaxed and supportive coaching style. Click to learn more about the Airdrie Singing Lessons Program.

Drums & Percussion

Airdrie Drum Lessons program allows you develop both the skill set and the deep biological sense of rhythm required to hold the power of a band together. From fundamentals and rudiments to mastering a variety of styles, AML’s drummers learn through a modern, integrated approach that develops the student as a person as well as a musician. Click to learn more about the Airdrie Drum Lessons Program.

Electric Guitar

Rock Band

Would you like to play in a band? Of course you would – it’s the most fun a musician can have! Airdrie Music Lessons offers a weekly Rock Band class where musicians learn to play together and even have the chance to perform live on stage. This fun and educational program is open by audition to students with past experience in guitar, voice, drums, electric bass or piano. Click to learn more about the Airdrie Rock Band Program.


Electric Bass

Preschool Music