About AML’s Fine Art Classes:

  1. Course Duration: September – June, 2020/2021.
  2. Class Length: 1 hour per week (just like other AML classes)
  3. Tuition: $125 per month (just like other AML classes)
  4. Location: 204 1 Ave NE, Airdrie, AB T4B 0R4 (AML Downtown Studio)
  5. Class time options:
    – Monday 5 – 6 PM
    – Monday 6 – 7 PM
    – Tuesday 5 – 6 PM
    – Tuesday 6 – 7 PM
  6. AML will provide the following learning materials for in class use:
    – Canvas Boards
    – Large Canvas For Collaboration Pieces
    – Paint Brush Set
    – Palette Knives
    – Light Sensitive Paper
    – Air Hardening Clay
    – Multimedia Paper
    – Paint Set For Collaborative Pieces
    – Full Size Easel
  7. Students will need the following items (Approx. $20 – $30):
    – Sketch Book
    – Drawing Pencil Set
    – Paint Set
  8. Students’ art will be featured at the AML end of the year concert day at The Bert Church Theatre.

Students Will Learn:

  1. How to use music to inspire visual art
  2. Perspective drawing (2 point perspective)
  3. Self portrait
  4. Art history
  5. Colour theory
  6. Constructive critique
  7. Still life and figure drawing
  8. Intro to photography
  9. 3D art inspired by music
  10. Artist as story teller
  11. Sculpture
  12. Natural paint making
  13. Wire sculpture
  14. Animal masks
  15. Thomas Kinkade inspired landscape
  16. Picasso inspired self portrait

Students will explore a range of mediums and styles of art making while developing drawing, painting and sculpture skills.  Some projects will be interdisciplinary, mixing visual art with music, drama and dance.

Students will be learning about art, but also about their own identity,  practicing emotional regulation, empathy, and critical creative thinking. Together we will consciously explore seeing and experiencing the world and ourselves as an artists

Personal Growth Benefits:

  1. Self-Exploration
  2. Artistic exploration
  3. Self-expression
  4. Creativity & confidence
  5. Anxiety & Stress Reduction
  6. Develop focus & attention to detail
  7. Critical thinking & problem solving
  8. Develop vision and project management
  9. Artist showcase at end of the year concert at BCT
  10. Developing connections & friendships with other artists

Students Will Create:

One to two personal finished works of art
One to two collaborative works of art

About Your Teacher:

  1. Bachelor of Education – Secondary Fine Art Specialization
    2. Bachelor of Fine Arts – Painting Major
    3. Professional artist: created and sold art by commission and showcases

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