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Where can I learn about your Staff?

Please Visit the Our Team Page

How long do classes run?

Airdrie Music Lessons is a school by heart, therefore we follow most school schedules which run from September – June. Each lesson is 1 Hour long every week.

Is there an age restriction?

Vocal Students starting from the Age of 5 and Guitar Students starting from the Age of 7-8.

What is the Free Lesson?

We offer a Free Intro Lesson for new students hoping to enrol. We assess the student’s abilities and suggest a lesson based on that.

How are you different?

We offer very effective teaching models unparalleled to our competitors. The programs are designed to create momentum, a sense of achievement and motivation to continue. Every skill is taught in a step by step process in which each layer builds upon the last. Focus is placed on playing by ear first and later learning to read tablature and music. We give students a sense of reward by performing in our bi-yearly concerts.

What study material is provided?

Singing students are provided with custom practice CDs and MP3s. Each song is transposed to the best key for the student’s voice and tempos can be changed to match the skill and age of the student.

Every student also receives a song book to keep their lyric and music sheets throughout the year. Custom practice videos are also provided to help students practice specific techniques and ear training exercises at home.

Can my student perform?

Airdrie Music Lessons hosts a full stage production concert where students perform on stage in front of a live audience complete with lighting, sound systems and an audio engineer. The concerts are a key part of students learning to set and achieve goals, overcome performance anxiety, and gain confidence both as performers and as people. These concerts are held every January and June.

I’m Potentially Interested

Where are you located?

Airdrie Music Lessons Info can be found on the About page. 

How much does it cost?

All of our services carry different prices aside from Pop-Star Parties. To get a price range today with a complementary lesson, please visit the Free Lesson page.

What program should my child take?

The Free Private Intro-Lesson is not just a lesson, but a consultation of which the student’s skill and maturity levels are assessed so the best program can be selected. This is also an opportunity for both parent and student to tour the studio, ask questions and get to know the teacher before deciding to enrol.  

Can I apply for rock band?

To apply you must be proficient in at least one of the following instruments: guitar, electric bass, drums/percussion, piano/keyboard. In addition, vocal skills are recommended.

Do you record singers' songs?

Yes! The great thing about holding classes in a professional recording studio each week is that all the equipment is right there waiting to be used. Each year vocal students get to record a song in the studio. The song is edited/mixed/mastered and copies are made on CD and MP3 to be shared with family and friends. The CDs also make a great keepsake showcasing the student’s vocal talents and personality.

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