About AML’s Junior Music Explorers Program

    • What is Junior Music Explorers? – JME is a weekly music class designed for kids ages 3 to 5 with the option of parent accompaniment. Each week, students are guided in exploring music through the use of voice, percussion, ukulele, and piano. The program also introduces children to (and reinforces knowledge of) numbers and letters in the process of learning music.
    • How Long Is Each Lesson? – Each class will be 1 hour long.
    • How Much Do Lessons Cost? – Our students enrol by academic year (Sept – June). Annual tuition is
      $1405 and is paid in full or via 10 payments of $137 per month. This works out to $35 for each 1-hour class over
      the course of the year. AML offers a convenient pre-authorized digital payment system.
    • Can Parents Attend Class? – Yes, we ask that a parent or guardian accompany your Junior Music Explorer in class. Class provides a wonderful bonding/learning opportunity for parents and children and it’s very helpful for parents to understand what the student is learning. 
    • How Do JME Students Learn Music? – JME Classes offer a learning by doing approach to music education – including singing, drumming and piano – incorporating movement.
    • Do Students Learn How To Read Music? – Yes! Even though JME kids are young, they are very capable (sometimes even better at it than older students) of learning to read music.
    • Do Students Learn About Music Theory? – Yes! JME kids learn about many aspects of Music Theory (the theory of how music works). While music theory is taught a fun and engaging manner aimed at young children, the topic is not “dumbed down” – students learn the correct names for musical symbols, notes, etc. and learn important concepts that they will continue to use throughout their lives.
    • Do AML Lessons Help Students Develop Non-Musical Strengths? – Yes, music is the vehicle we use to help students of all ages develop confidence, courage, focus, patience, tenacity, social skills, friendships, listening skills, team work, and more. Connecting with others who share an interest in music has helped many of our students grow in ways we could not have imagined. For our younger students, having positive role models and a tribe of like-minded friends is key to their development and the AML method is designed to strengthen both the musician and the person.
    • What’s The “Game Room” All About? – At our downtown location we have dedicated a room to fun and friendship. The Game Room is open during class hours and we encourage students to come early or stay late to play air hockey, foosball, board games, X-Box, etc. with their fellow musicians. 
      The Game Room is also an important part of staging events including teen movie nights, Professional Development school day programs, summer camps, and staff team building functions.
      We’ve seen the development wonderful friendships that extend beyond music lessons as a result of the Game Room. Plus, parents love knowing that their kids are having fun with friends while they’re finishing up their errands.
    • Do Students Get To Perform? – Yes, our Grand Student Concerts are held in February and June in the main hall at AML downtown. These special events are for the whole family with door prizes, refreshments, etc. Concerts are key to students’ development as musicians and as people, giving them concrete goals and the experience of performing in front of a real audience, which builds confidence and self esteem. Our students also perform throughout the year in mini recitals and around town in community gigs (coffee houses, charity gigs, etc.)
    • Do You Provide Learning Materials? – Yes, we supply students with a 3-ring binder, sheet music, theory sheets, coloring sheets, etc. Students do need to have a small keyboard or piano for practicing at home. Modern digital keyboards and pianos are compact and affordable and can be purchased new or second hand.
    • Where Are Lessons Held? – Our Junior Music Explorers program is held at our downtown location: 204 1 Ave NE Airdrie AB.
  • Are There Opportunities To Grow At AML? – Yes! Once they’ve learned the fundamentals in Junior Music Explorers, some students take up an instrument. Airdrie Music Lessons offers Guitar, Singing, Drum, Ukulele, Fine Art and Rock Band classes from beginner to advanced. It’s quite common for a student to begin with one type of class and then, after gaining proficiency in that area, shift to another (or take on an additional) area of interest. AML offers volunteer opportunities for students to learn more about everything from teaching to concert production to recording studio technology. We also have a teacher training program that has seen a number of our students become highly respected Assistant Music Teachers.

    Thanks, and please let us know if you have any questions!